Sutra is a Ghanaian-British voice of power, whose creative work is centred on an ethos of community, vulnerability and healing. From an early age, Sutra has been passionate about the art of storytelling as an act of individual and collective resistance. Believing in the empowerment and elevation of women and children, she uses her art - in all its forms - to teach, provoke, honour and nourish the spirit.

Sutra graduated from medical school in 2016 and was added to the U.K. medical register a year later. Her work as a fully-qualified doctor has been a complex, rewarding path that has fuelled her creativity through a deeper understanding of human connection and the human experience.

Sutra released her first body of work as a musician and a writer in 2015. EntitledThe Art of Being, the mixtape was released on Soundcloud to rave reviews, and picked up a day later by BBC Wales. Its lead track, Where You Are,was played on the Adam Walton Show, leading to live shows in London, Cardiff and Bristol.

In March 2017, Sutra collaborated with other creatives to co-direct and release her first music film, Waves/The Water. Shot in Accra, Ghana, it combined two songs from her mixtape into a stunning visual narrative exploring themes of loss and separation, identity, spirituality and healing. It has since been screened in London, Tokyo, and Yaoundé. Later that year, it opened and won the Achievement in Narrative Short Film award at the Silicon Valley African Film Festival in San Francisco.

Sutra released her first music EP and a book of poetry + prose in July 2018. Both are components of Sutra’s new body of work, titled Marrow.