-a project by sutra-


noun: marrow;
1. a soft fatty substance in the cavities of bones, in which blood cells are produced.

2. the essential part of something.


“I learnt early on, that words hold weight and stories have power. 
For the past 3 years since the release of my first music mixtape, I have grown + learnt about myself and my community.

My next release is a body of work named marrow; it will be released as a sequence of work centred on my own + others journeys of healing + being made alive again.

Its limbs are:
- a book of poetry + prose
- my first music EP
- a second short film

My inspiration for naming this work comes from my understanding of it: The essential part. The bare beginning of everything.
Our bone marrow is where our blood cells - which sustain our life - are generated. Without blood, we are not alive.

It translates to the idea of soul work, nourishment + deeper fulfilment. To womanhood + the feminine experience + our capacity to sustain, nourish, empower, give life, destroy + heal.

I hope this work finds you, exactly as and where you are.”

-sutra, 2018